novembre 2, 2019

When evil does not find evil, it goes away! (+espanol+ita)

Let’s not take revenge. Life will do it for us. No nos venguemos. La vida lo hará por nosotros. Non vendichiamoci. Lo farà la vita al posto nostro.

settembre 7, 2019

“99% of people think the same as me!”

Whoever says that is insecure and does not welcome the other. Let them lose! Life will take care of it, making him always meet the remaining 1%.

agosto 10, 2019

It’s the intestine that makes us happy

It has been called the biochemistry of joy! Allergies, intolerances, anxiety, depression: all diseases originate in in this part of the body.

luglio 6, 2019

Social media? “Watch out for the wolf!”

The “living room” of Facebook hosts quarrels and discussions. La “sala de estar” de Facebook alberga disputas y discusiones. Il “salotto” di Facebook ospita liti e discussioni.

giugno 29, 2019

The trip within us

We are worth zero. Psychobiology helps us. El viaje dentro de nosotros. No tenemos ningún valor! La psicobiología nos ayuda. Noi valiamo zero. La psicobiologia ci aiuta.